Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sneak Peek: New P-Rod2 Colorway

We got this pic of Danny Supa at Red Bull's Manny Mania in Venice Beach, CA. He was wearing some new P-Rod2's that were grey and light grey with a patent leather electric blue swoosh. These are going to be super hot sellers when they come out for sure.

Paul Rodriguez X Mountain Dew Green Label Art Launch Party

A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited to Mountain Dew's Green Label Art Launch Party. Green Label is a series of twelve different 16oz. aluminum bottles by Mountain Dew with art by some pretty tight heads. This party celebrated the release of pro skateboarders Paul Rodriguez and Chris Pastras' collabo can. Shoe customizer Methamphibian also has an aluminum bottle as part of this series. Anyways, the party was off the charts with gourmet appetizers, free booze, and plenty of ladies. Check the pics:

Prints of the 12 different can designs hang on the wall:

The featured artists for the night share ideas:

Chris Pastras seems happy to have his own Mountain Dew can:

Free drinks, branded everything:

This DVS chain brought Jereme Rogers as its guest to the event:

Jereme, Paul, and some chick who may or may not be one of their significant others:

Paul shows off his can design to Chico Brenes:

Pastras art adorned the whole building:

Shoe Releases Galore!

Over the past few weeks that we have been gone, we have seen a whole bunch of cool shoes be released.

First, from Adidas, we have a limited edition Superstar Skate and two nice colorways of the Stan Smith Skate:

From Supra, the previously mentioned Suprano is now in stores:

And finally, the Mike Taylor Pro Model from DVS. This one is the brown and herring version, but there are at least 3 decent colorways:

Friday, May 4, 2007

Vans X Neckface

In uberhypebeastesque fashion, Vans has teamed up with world-renowned skater/grafitti artist Neckface to release a line of limited edition skate shoes. The first ones to be released are the Sk8-Hi model, which hit shops earlier this week.

Girl/Chocolate Box Set Out Now

Girl has finally released many of their classic videos on DVD, and in a box set to boot! Now we don't have to watch those 3rd generation VHS copies of Mouse that have been passed down through the years.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Corey Sheppard Boards from Sub-Genus

Apparently, Sub-Genus is a new board company from Jason Masse and the artist known as Foof. They have recruited a pretty high-end team for being such a small company. The team includes Jason, Corey, Paul Otvos and even Gershon Mosley.

High Grade Distribution to Open Retail Store

Following in the footsteps of the folks from The Sect, High Grade Distribution has signed a lease to open a retail store on Valencia in the Mission District of San Francisco. This is sure to be the hot spot for hippies and hemp-lovers all around Northern California. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the new store in it's raw form: